Watch and download ‘Yolo’ season 4 Episode 2

Watch and download ‘Yolo’ season 4 Episode 2

Know who YOLO cast are and why they’re part of the YOLO TV Series, as we prepare for the upcoming Season 4 of YOLO.

Watch and download 'Yolo' season 4 Episode 2


Emily, born Queenstar Anaafi, is one of the leading characters on the YOLO TV Series. Queenstar’s role involves a young beautiful rich girl, well-raised by responsible and caring parents, turning her into a well-groomed adolescent.

‘If she’s out, she’s with either Cyril or at the Youth Corner, and her parents are very involved with her, so Emily in her own character is not a bad girl.’

In the YOLO TV series (Seasons 1 and 2), Emily is pursued by Cyril (considered next) and eventually falls for her first love, although in upcoming Season 3, their relationship turns to fall on hard rocks. In Season 2, Cyril takes a turn away from Emily and focuses on a beautiful student he tutors.

Things go south, and Cyril ends up head-on with highly-classified rhetorical questions from Emily.

Series relationship aside, Emily relates how being a part of the cast for YOLO has helped her get in touch with her inner personality.

In her own words:

“I used to be a very shy, reserved person, but because of my involvement, my interaction with the people on set, I’ve been able to overcome this.”

Indeed, asked to play the role of the rich kid on the block comes with a lot of perks and requires getting up to speed to being what the writers and directors envision for the character. Emily plays her role well, and for many, concentrating on the show gets a little bit harder than usual sometimes, as Emily’s beauty and smartness keep swaying them.

In the show, Emily represents, to some extent, the exact opposite of Drogba, as the cautious, careful and forward-thinking adolescent, who in many situations, weighs her options before taking a step, especially in issues relating to her relationship with Cyril and her love life.



Cyril, born as Aaron Adatsi, remains the center of the YOLO TV series and happens to be one of the characters tossed about in many situations, from relationships to hanging out with friends.

Cyril, in YOLO, was raised by Auntie Enyonam (discussed below). Auntie Enyonam learned her lessons the hard way, after getting in a relationship with Pusher and ended up being pregnant.

Unfortunately, Cyril grows up in a divided family, with his biological dad being an auto-mechanic and mom, a boutique manageress.

If an occasional visit by Cyril’s dad was welcome, the whole twist between Enyonam and Pusher wouldn’t have been, as portrayed in the show, tense and unpredictable.

Cyril sets his eyes on this young, beautiful girl from a relatively wealthy family, namely, Emily. He strives to win Emily’s heart, going as far as succumbing to gravity and going on his knees to apologize to Emily for a bad move taken.

Cyril: “Personally, I think YOLO is full of morals. Basically, YOLO is adolescent reproductive health, and I think the target is the youth

Although his apology takes effect and starts curing Emily’s heart, the likely ‘placebo’ effect she feels for her first love wouldn’t last as Cyril can’t help it but entangles himself with a student of his.

As Richard Castle would put it, Cyril is ‘ruggedly handsome’, which makes him a worthwhile prey for many young ladies looking for a strong, smart and handsome guy with great brains to be by their side.

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