Anambra Airport And The Birth Of A New Nation

Anambra Airport And The Birth Of A New Nation

There was a supposed 17 days government in our dear state. This said government in what may be viewed as apparent lack of leadership visions hurriedly awarded the failed Oba airport that would have been our worst nightmare as a state.

Anambra Airport And The Birth Of A New NationThen comes Okwute Ndigbo the enigma,the governor in whom ndi Anambra was well pleased,the administrator par excellence that has the clear analogy of good governance,the father of modern day Anambra who conceptualized this modern airport in Umueri, we sincerely say thank you former governor Peter Obi for giving us your best,anyi siri gi dalu sir.

It was with great expectations that his excellency gov Obiano,Akpokue global the technocrat extraordinaire made a contract with ndi Anambra to vigorously pursue the three c’s of Continue,complete and commission all projects initiated by his predecessor in line with the continuity agenda of the apga led government of the state.

“We have the best team to govern Anambra,i as an investment banker of international repute together with my deputy will and can walk into any financial partners including the world Bank without the shout of Onwa ” and present a proposal that must” get their attention”(Obiano statement in the last gubernatorial debate in Anambra) making such a proud statement was then obvious that to whom much was giving, much was expected.

At the resumption of office,his first point of call was the establishment of ANSIPPA,a one stop shop with the mandate of attracting investors and assure ease of doing business in the state,this became the master stroke,the vehicle that drives the success story of this administration.

Prof Soludo suggested in his speech that Igbos as global race that controls commerce and industries needed to market their brand,today the international airport when completed will give us the platform to announce Anambra state in the map of emerging nations,Obiano‘s extraordinary achievements.

Who would have believed that a 2 billion dollar aerotropolis city with the most beautiful international airport in West Africa and star hotels will be cited in our dear state with bulk of the fund coming from the Chinese government on a build,operate,manage and transfer basis,Obianoeffect# when the right man is in power,people rejoice.

Indeed the dream is within a touching distance! Anambra adibago mma.

We are ndi Anambra

We are the light of this nation

With good governance, catch us if you can

Thank you the vintage governor

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