3 Storey Building Collapses At Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra – Permanent Site


3 Storey Building Collapses At Federal Polytechnic Oko AnambraPermanent Site

An uncompleted building beside Ngozika lodge perm site at oko poly collapsed, 3 worker inside it re no wia to be found. may u not experience any casualties or untimely death in ur family or relations or even ur friends in Jesus name, can u just say amen.. – Student

This is a 3 storey building that just collapsed at perm site Fed poly Oko at exactly 2:15pm today 22nd of may,they were 4 Labourers inside but only one of dem escaped earlier….. Only God can save!! – Student3-storey-building-collapses-at-federal-polytechnic-oko-anambra-permanent-site 1 3-storey-building-collapses-at-federal-polytechnic-oko-anambra-permanent-site 2 3-storey-building-collapses-at-federal-polytechnic-oko-anambra-permanent-site 3 3-storey-building-collapses-at-federal-polytechnic-oko-anambra-permanent-site 4 3-storey-building-collapses-at-federal-polytechnic-oko-anambra-permanent-site 5 3-storey-building-collapses-at-federal-polytechnic-oko-anambra-permanent-site 6 3-storey-building-collapses-at-federal-polytechnic-oko-anambra-permanent-site 7 3-storey-building-collapses-at-federal-polytechnic-oko-anambra-permanent-site 8 3-storey-building-collapses-at-federal-polytechnic-oko-anambra-permanent-site